Hello, I’m Jasper Barff, this is my testimony of using Viasil New Zealand for 90 Day, one of the best male enhancement pills trending in NZ.

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My Results After Using Viasil New Zealand For 90 Day


  • Primary reason for taking Viasil: Stronger, harder, lasting erections.
  • Secondary reasons for taking Viasil: Increase stamina and endurance.

Directions For Use

According to the back of the box you should take 1 capsules a day.

Each bottle contains 30 capsules which is a 1 month supply.

It’s best to take these types of supplements at the same time each morning.

I always take supplements at the same time each morning, 15 minutes before breakfast.

If you want to supercharge your results you should drink lots of water – very important.

I used the supplement every day for 90 days and I’m now going to talk about my results.

I thought erectile dysfunction was for old guys only!

I had no idea that someone my age could be having problems like that.

For the record, I’m 29.

I thought I had years and years of a healthy sex life in front of me before I had to worry about it.

But my doctor told me that isn’t so.

It can affect any guy at any age.

At first it was just the odd time when I couldn’t get an erection, and then it got more and more common.

It was really getting me down and I would do anything to avoid having sex with my partner.

I went through a bout of depression regarding it and then I decided to do something about it.

After doing some research, I have found Viasil and ordered it from its website, which offers the best deal.

I tried different products to improve stamina, but Viasil is the only one that works for me.

It has helped me impress my lovers.

I just take Viasil and I’m good to go.

I started taking Viasil New Zealand on May 7, 2023.

I started taking Viasil New Zealand and at first, I didn’t notice any changes.

Near the end of the first week, I started to notice subtle changes in my energy levels.

During weeks 2 my sex drive started to increase and I started getting random erections.

My results increased during week 3, and my erections were getting stronger and my semen volume increased.

My stamina was also much better and I could last much longer in bed.

I also started drinking lots of water and exercising a few times a week.

This had a positive impact on my results.

By the end of the month, my erection quality had improved.

Month 2

This is when results really started to kick in.

My erections were growing in size and my penis was much longer and thicker.

Sex was also amazing and my girlfriend could feel the difference.

We had some great sex during this time and felt much closer and happy together.

Results continued to increase during Month 2.

My erections were huge and my libido so high it was uncomfortable at times.

My girlfriend and I were having daily sex again so this wasn’t too much of a problem.

The pleasure during sex continued to increase and I could “feel” a lot more during sex.

Month 3

Results only got a bit stronger during month 3.

The only things that increased were my semen volume and sexual pleasure

I continued to take the supplement because I wanted to maintain the results.

Results stayed strong throughout month 3.

Nothing increased but the results stayed strong so it was perfect.

I think I hit the peak in Month 2 and taking the supplement during month 3 was helping to maintain the results.

I’m really happy that I started taking Viasil New Zealand.

It’s a healthy alternative to other methods I’ve tried to help improve my sexual health.

Overall, it’s a great product and I plan to order more.

I think it works well to stimulate everything as it should be.

What are the Advantages of Viasil New Zealand?

Although my results were excellent, no supplement is perfect.

First I’m going to talk about the positives and the negatives of using Viasil.

  • Boosts your sexual desires and increases libido.
  • Increases the sexual drive that allows you to enjoy during sexual intercourse.
  • Improve your sexual performance and treat erectile dysfunction.
  • More so, it improves your sperm production, sexual arousal and enhances your power to perform in bed.
  • Enhances the blood circulation in your genital organs.
  • It contains natural ingredients, which are safe for you and do not have a significant effect on your body.
  • There is a money back guarantee for 100 days which is plenty of time to give it a good try.

What are the Disadvantages of Viasil New Zealand?

  • Can only be purchased on the official website
  • Results may vary depending on the health, lifestyle and general physique of the individual
  • Not cheap but worth it

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